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Common 3D projects
Sectors of application

There are many types of 3D projects, both at commercial level and at industrial level. Major examples of commercial 3D projects could be 3D designs to illustrate to customers projects that could be done in the future. And of course the use of 3D projects at the industrial level come straight to our mind very easilly: vehicles shown in 3D, equipment, circuit installations, machinery, houses, buildings, bridges, factories, and the list goes on and on.

Why are so many 3D projects? And why year after year they become more and more popular? Well, because reality is 3D, not 2D. 2D projects are only used as a limited means to represent the 3D reality that we live in. Therefore, as computing technology increases both in capability and propagation across all sectors, more and more we tend to see 3D projects, which are after all a perfect representation of reality.

3d letters

When one person wants to buy a house, a machine, some furniture or even construction games for children (at the domestic level), or when a company wants to obtain industrial machinery, a building or whatver vehicle or construction. The best way to define what he or she wants to buy is by managing to obtain a 3D version of his or hers project.

And of course when one person or company wants to sell something or even discuss with other people about the developement of a new product, the most efficient way to communicate is to talk about projects in "3D language".

desktop 3d
Computers are the greatest platform for 3D projects